Fronx Maruti Grand Vitara, Rs. Get a discount above 1 lakh 

MY2023 units at Nexa dealers are offering more discounts than those listed officially. Fronx Maruti Grand Vitara offers very attractive discounts, Especially on some popular models of cars like Jimny,

Grand Vitara and Franks. With dealer inventory levels high, the benefits of unsold MY2023 Nexa models are particularly attractive, which is why they are working hard to increase sales.

Contact your nearest dealer. There is information that last year cars are being sold at reduced prices

Fronx & Maruti Grand Vitara, Rs. Get discount above Rs.1 lakh

Why are Maruti dealers heavy discount offering

Maruti Suzuki dealer sources say the company is aggressively pushing force into dealerships in the last many months of 2023 to clear Maruti Suzuki stocks from the factory. still,

retail deals have not seen a corresponding jump, meaning dealers are left with buses with high force situations. Maruti dealers have tried to boost deals with aggressive time- end schemes.

A large number of Maruti dealers are left with significant unsold MY2023 stocks in the gap time. And this isn’t for some specific areas, but for numerous places across the country. So,

with a high position of unsold stock, dealers are presently facing liquidity problems and do not have the cash to buy new MY2024 models. utmost Maruti MY2023 models are thus available with veritably seductive client offers.

Fronx & Maruti Grand Vitara, Rs. Get discount above Rs.1 lakh

Maruti Nexa 2024 February Offers

As we reported before this month, the unsold MY2023 stocks of the Grand Vitara Hybrid and the turbo- petrol variants of the Fronx were vended atRs. 79,000 andRs. 83,000 are available with benefits. Over and above what’s officially listed, to further promote deals,

Maruti dealers are offering abatements on all models of aroundRs. 50,000 fresh cash reduction. Hence, on the mentioned variants of Grand Vitara and Francs, at leastRs.1.30 lakhs can be attained.

Nexa Discount offers

Also, the MY2023 units of Ignis and Ciaz independently will be priced atRs. 61,000 andRs. 48,000 are officially listed at a reduction. still, in utmost locales on both models Rs. A ground- position check confirms that there are deductions of further than 1 lakh. But utmost of the benefits will continue on the MY2023 Jimny.Rs.1.50 lakh in sanctioned abatements,

Fronx & Maruti Grand Vitara, Rs. Get discount above Rs.1 lakh

Maruti Suzuki has temporarily slashed prices with the Thunder Edition to boost deals of the Jimny. Although the Thunder Edition offers have now been discontinued,

Nexa Discount offers Jimny

dealers are still offering further than the officially listed Rs. 50,000. still, stocks of the MY2023 Jimny are running low as buyers have lapped up numerous of the blinked units, going nearly Rs.3.5 lakhs will be paid lower.

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