New Next-Gen Ford Ecosport coming back to India

In a surprising turn of events, Ford India has recently filed a new design patent for the next-gen Ford Ecosport which has created a buzz in the automotive community.

The blurted print hints at the possibility of a sub-4 m SUV, leading to enterprises whether it could be the important-awaited coming-word next-gen Ford EcoSport for the Indian request.


Ford shut down its India operations many times back- but lately, news of their re-entry plans has surfaced, with recent updates suggesting that Ford is considering a return to the fast-expanding Indian automotive request. Many weeks ago, Ford reversed its decision to vend its Chennai factory to the JSW Group. likewise, Ford India has posted new job rosters in recent weeks. These signs explosively suggest that Ford is ready to renew its operations in India. The company had before blazoned a phased pullout from the Indian request in 2021.

Next-gen Ford Ecosport


As the suckers eagerly await more details, let’s take a look at the blurred image and explore the implicit reanimation of the iconic EcoSport. The blurted print showcases the sub-4m SUV with a frontal design related to the asset shot, which is primarily allowed from 2020.

ford Comeback India

    A problem of cooperation between Ford and Mahindra. Notable features are bold tulle seamlessly integrated with satiny LED lights in keeping with contemporary design trends. Vertically stacked three-piece LED lights on the lower cushion serve both functional and aesthetic purposes, creating a visually sharp frontal end. Fresh elements such as the trapezoidal secondary air-levee, tableware chin and contoured bonnet contribute to the overall satiny and ultramodern look.


EcoSport holds a special place in the hearts of Indian consumers as the pioneer SUV that kickstarted the sub-4m SUV segment. Unveiled as a concept in 2012 and officially launched in 2013, it quickly gained popularity, gaining a significant following over the years. Despite its initial success,

Next-gen Ecosport India

the absence of the new generation EcoSport has left a void, allowing new entries like the Maruti Brezza, Tata Nexon, Hyundai Venue and Kia Sonet to dominate the segment. After Ford announced its decision to withdraw from the Indian market, the disappointment among the fans increased.


The EcoSport’s future in India looked bleak as the company shifted its focus away from the subcontinent. However, recent developments suggest a potential revival of the EcoSport in India, challenging the notion that it has reached the end of its journey.

As fans eagerly await official announcements and more details about the upcoming SUV, the possibility of the new generation EcoSport coming back to India adds an intriguing chapter to the SUV’s legacy.

Only time will tell if this leak signifies the resurrection of the beloved vehicle or if Ford has something completely new and groundbreaking for the Indian market.

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